The Corporate Psychic
The Corporate Psychic
Marie Groover

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Uniting + integrating the opposing forces within & without, we blend the woowoo with work & beyond.

About Marie

A former corporate 9-5er turned full-time surfer, poet, coach & healer, Marie is who you go to when you've 'made it' and it doesn't feel like quite enough. Through her business, The Corporate Psychic, Marie is here to transform the way we work and live by integrating all parts of self (especially the ones that seem opposing) so that you can be and do all that you were meant to, joyfully.

Why You Should Join This Community

It starts with you (and me) - individuals leading and living as an example of their beliefs. Join this community as a commitment to yourself, to learn and explore what makes you you, and to meet like-minded, soul-aligned individuals to grow and transform the way we live and work, together. Within this space, you'll find heaps of free resources, areas to plug in and engage, access to courses, live events, group development, masterful minds, and exclusive offers + discounts.

All of you is welcome.

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